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We Bare Bears

2015 – ...
Season 1
All episodes of 1 season:
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We Bare Bears

2015 - ...
cartoon, fantasy, comedy, family
IMDb rating: 8.1 / 10
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:26
Episode duration~ 30 min.

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"We Bare Bears'' is the animated series tells the story of three brothers, three bears, who decided to move to one of the US cities. The basis of the show was the eponymous online comic Daniel Chongoma further and creator of the series.
The plot revolves around three brothers bear, heroes are trying to get accustomed to the modern world, where it is very popular so-called internet celebrity video bloggers. The brothers are facing new youth fashion trends, trying to keep up with fashion. Heroes often find themselves in a rather funny and ridiculous situation, and they do not forget to always help each other in difficult situations. The elder brother Gries, trying to become internet celebrity. Gries leader, he does not miss his brothers in every way, trying to paint the bright colors of their life. He's a very sociable extrovert, it is easy to make new friends. Middle brother Panda is the most romantic and technically savvy among brothers. He can not imagine life live without their gadgets. He, unlike his elder brother is more difficult to make new friends. Pan-pan very vulnerable bear. The youngest of the brothers Snowball most calm and pragmatic among brothers Snowball likes to sleep in the freezer, it is a caring mother for the rest of the brothers, a great chef, martial artist, a dancer, a master of all trades. Although he is the youngest of the brothers, but their actions are most similar to adult. The hero is always ready to defuse the situation and to cheer up the brothers. "We are ordinary bears '' a comedy animated series made for all ages. This cartoon is made that would raise the audience mood, he makes fun of the modern fashion trends which are sometimes ridiculous.
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