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Wayward Pines

2015 – ...
Season 1
Season 2
All episodes of 1 season:
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Wayward Pines

2015 - ...
fantasy, thriller, drama, detective
IMDb rating: 7.5 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:20
Episode duration~ 44 min.

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"Wayward Pines" - was filmed by Blake Crouch's novel "Wayward Pines". Shooting team filled with talented actors, the director of the pilot is M. Night Shyamalan, who later took the place of the producer. The show attracts viewers frightening, intriguing atmosphere, secret and dark places and colorful characters, of which do not yet know all the mystery of the town Ueyuord Pine. The plot twists with each batch, and in the middle of the creators promise to reveal the secrets of a strange town ...
Ethan Burke - a true professional, the best federal agent in his department. He was instructing a new task to find the two missing members of the Department. Last time the agents were observed in a small town Ueyuord Pine, where and sent Burke. Even before reaching the town, Ethan gets into an accident, and then waking up in the local hospital and meets a strange nurse. He tries to communicate with the boss, but all attempts are not successful, and Ethan is forced to leave the town and start their investigation. Burke exploring the area and the residents seemed to be a quiet town, finding more and more strange things. Externally, the people look happy and healthy, and seemingly Ethan seemed weird things, but his fears confirmed local bartender. Beverly tries to help Burke, prompting him to audition, and total surveillance cameras. She wanted to escape from the city and help Ethan find one of the missing members of the Department. In one of the abandoned houses, Burke finds the body of an employee with traces of severe torture.
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