The Tudors

2007 – 2010
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Season 4
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The Tudors

2007 - 2010
Historical drama
IMDb rating: 8.1 / 10
Number of seasons:4
Number of episodes:38
CountryCanada, Ireland, USA
Episode duration~ 53 min.

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Action TV series "The Tudors" takes us to England of the 16th century. At this time, on the throne of power seated young King Henry VIII of the Tudor dynasty. Ambitious anointed of God, seeks by all means to take first place among the other kings of the world, especially to get around the French king Francis, who is his cousin.
Henry is married to the Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon, which is older than her husband, their marriage was based on political benefits. King wants to quickly get a heir to the throne, what would consolidate his power, but Catherine was able to give him only a daughter, all the rest of their children died during delivery or at an early age.

The absence of a son, does not give rest to the monarch, and he decides to divorce his wife to find a new and try to conceive with her his heir. But at the time - it was not so easy, Catholic countries subject to the authority of the Pope in many ways, and England was no exception. Henry asks Rome to terminate his marriage, but the Vatican does not want to because of this spoil their relations with Spain, while ardent Catholic country, faithful ally of the papacy and the king refuses.

Monarch is in a rage, especially because he has got a new candidate for the role of his wife - Anne Boleyn. It takes an ambitious decision to break with the Pope and to become independent. But this issue affects not only him, but also to the whole of England. To fulfill his desire, the king changes his religion, power, from the Catholic to Protestant and declares himself the new head of the English church. Tearing his first marriage, Henry marries Anne Boleyn, but the dream of a successor has not come true, the king sends his new wife on the scaffold. The search for a new wife, resumed again.

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