Sons of Anarchy

2008 – 2014
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Sons of Anarchy

2008 - 2014
thriller, drama
IMDb rating: 8.6 / 10
Number of seasons:7
Number of episodes:92
Episode duration~ 45 min.

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The series "Sons of Anarchy" tells us about the biker club. The members of this gang is not allowed to sell drugs, although they are pushing trunks. The young man - the leader of the gang wonders if he made the right choice? This was not welcome his parents. Opponents of the Sons of Anarchy - hate them biker club and ironically engaged in drug trafficking. Also on the show will be made to the fascist group that will try to take a position of influence in the city of Los Angeles.
All activities start from the moment the bikers come to pick up the trunks, or rather Glocks and M4A4. They transported it to the warehouse, ie in the common fund, which is unfamiliar people undermine and steal guns. And, for all the barrels have already been paid. One of the bikers coming to the customer and asks for a couple of days, and he has given more time, but it hardly persuaded to do so. It now remains to find those who did this and get revenge. Delving into children's things for his son, the hero finds photos memoir of his late father, and began to study them. In addition to all the problems, the former Jackson (the main character) being pregnant densely sat on Mete, and when I got to the hospital, had to urgently do a caesarean section, the baby turned out to be preterm and with a heart defect. Angry Jack rushes to the drug dealers, beating their chief, the self as saying that huckster dope nothing to do here. The series is perfect for viewing in a circle of good friends with a glass of beer and chips, because of its atmosphere and show once it imposes.
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