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Person of Interest

2011 – 2016
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
All episodes of 1 season:
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Person of Interest

2011 - 2016
fantasy, action, thriller, drama, detective
IMDb rating: 8.5 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:103
Episode duration~ 44 min.

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The world after the September 11 tragedy will not be the same. Now the US high-ranking officials are thinking about security issues worldwide. Even track and prevent the threat that may be in the near future. For this purpose, a team of highly intellectuals for the development of such software. When it began to show the first results of the project was closed and the head of the group was found dead under mysterious circumstances.
One of the scientists Harold Finch had to flee, of course it has taken all the development along. The crown of creation was the machine - a program with artificial intelligence, which keeps track of all telephone conversations and camera and thus can predict this or another offense. In order to save people, Harold finds a mate Riza. He served in Afghanistan under the cover of the CIA and involved in the elimination of threatening US policy officials. Together heroes prevent crimes has not happened yet, simultaneously hiding from the secret service harassment. Although it is not always possible to save a man, and not always Reese manages to come to the rescue. Soon, Harold learns that such studies have been single, there is also another artificial intelligence Samaritan. It was invented by his friend, the scientist, but that time was removed from cases, and then completely eliminated. The program is now in bad guys and that the worst thing, it starts to go out of control and make their own decisions. Samaritan found the machines on the network and now wants to destroy her and her friends with her. Harold Finch course and accept the challenge and in the process try again and again to save people from the possible crime. But to do it more and more difficult, because the Samaritan tracks their every move. Real machinery and Samaritan inevitable. Will the heroes save the world from impending catastrophe.
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