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Penny Dreadful

2014 – 2016
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
All episodes of 1 season:
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Penny Dreadful

2014 - 2016
horror, fantasy, drama
IMDb rating: 8.3 / 10
Number of seasons:3
Number of episodes:27
CountryUK, Ireland, USA
Episode duration~ 60 min.

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The series will appeal to fans of classic horror and will tighten in the epicenter of London's nightmares more and more with each new series. Vampires, witches, demonic beings and other vermin assembled in one film. It consists of three seasons, so fans will tremble with fear at the TV screen, not one night. Gaining courage and welcome to the dark world!
Action of the series takes place on foggy streets of Victorian London. They are fascinating, terrible and infinitely dangerous. The air is filled with the smell of passion, blood and fear, because here pulled off evil spirits from around the world. Bloodless carcasses in deserted alleys and missing persons - a rule. Just pinch myself and wake up the arm will not work - the half the world has crept into the minds of unsuspecting people. It leaves two options - to give body and soul to the mercy of heartless monsters, or accept the challenge and fight evil. Just how to recognize the evil in this lovely beauty with delicate skin and flowing tresses, which so attracts to his beautiful captive? How to see a young elegant gentleman, with impeccable taste and manners, a vampire? Remains - to rely on his own instinct and hope that it will not let you down ... Do not let you down straight to the open traps Count Dracula or Dr. Frankenstein and his terrifying creatures. Fortunately, always in opposition to the dark forces are bright. Magic can be directed for the benefit of, or the fragile balance in the world for a long time would be staggered.
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