2009 – 2013
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2009 - 2013
fiction, drama, black comedy
IMDb rating: 8.3 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:38
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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«Misfits» - TV Show that combines several genres, from black comedy and ending fantastic.
Group of young offenders sent to the community center at the correctional work. During cleanup heroes get to the center of the anomalous storms and eventually begin to notice for a strangeness: each one has got a unique ability. Simon can become invisible, Curtis is able to wind off already occurred events ago, Kelly reads the thoughts of others, Alicia reduces sexually crazy anyone who touches it, and Nathan was awarded the gift of immortality, although for a long time thought that his luck spared.

Not only the Five guys in orange jumpsuits have changed: many city dwellers faced with similar consequences thunderstorms. Now the company's everyday life - it is not only the solution of daily problems, and local battle with clever and quirky enemies, enjoys powers to do worse than the other.

Seth comes into play, the ability to sell and buy, and with it the intriguing challenges.

Mountains of corpses, love polygons, domestic difficulties, spiced with family squabbles, and guests from the future, vulgar and rude jokes and unexpected denouement most trivial cases of life - that's what the world is now full of latter-day friends.

Gradually, in the ranks of fighters against evil shadow changes occur, but their adventures are all the same crazy, hard and fun. A new blood story only adds speed and drive.

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