Luke Cage

2016 – ...
Season 1
All episodes of 1 season:
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Luke Cage

2016 - ...
fantasy, action, thriller, drama
IMDb rating: 7.8 / 10
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:13
Episode duration~ 55 min.

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The series "Luke Cage" - part of the Marvel Universe, to learn more about a man who has got an incredible ability.

Luke criminal record: he did not have time to break the law, before the friend turned out to be outstretched, so that was behind bars. Cage has experienced the death of the beloved, but not resigned to the loss, and he became a participant in the experiment, equally secret and dangerous. That is how the hero gained strength and invulnerability, then escaped and went into hiding.

Luke tries not saints, and especially not to show what he can do. For this reason, working illegally burly: washing dishes in the kitchen steep club, sweeping floors in a hairdressing salon and agrees to other flea and unskilled labor. Even the apartment he rents for cash and not too presentable, since afford something better can not.

However, in the area where Luke outlines changes lives. Power is increasingly concentrated in the hands of policy Mariah Dillard and her cousin Cornell Stokes, called cottonmouth. The first puts forward a number of initiatives to improve the external appearance of the city, but at the same time requires "donations" from the ordinary small business on their good deeds, and cousin it allows too much and cottonmouth gladly uses these privileges to carry out the mediation of the sale weapons and other things.

How would Luke nor wanted to stay in the side, it gradually drawn into the showdown, and now he is - one of those who is the guardian of justice.

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