DC's Legends of Tomorrow

2015 – ...
Season 1
Season 2
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow

2015 - ...
fantasy, action, drama, adventure
IMDb rating: 7.1 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:24
Episode duration~ 42 min.

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The series "Legends of Tomorrow" - a joint adventure heroes of DC Universe, designed to change the future.

Rip Hunter, being master of the time, the board asks permission to go back in time 150 years ago and put together a team of superheroes, to prevent the destruction of the world. At the disposal of Ripa have time ship, where all software runs Gideon, and the data of those who are able to help make the mission successful.

Hunter brings together: Dr. Ray Palmer (Atom), able to be reduced thanks to the suit; Sarah Lands - a retired member of the League of murderers, resurrected after death; Firestorm - tandem, consisting of Martin Stein Jefferson and Jackson; the latest at the moment the reincarnation of the Hawk and the eagle - Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders; Captain Cold - in the world of Leonard SNART and the heat wave - Miki Rory.

Naturally, at first none of them trusts Rip is not eager to join his campaign, but Hunter is to show them the projection 2166, which is clearly visible to the planet, which is in ruins, as the team's mood changes.

The main objective of newly-time travelers - stop the immortal Vandal Savage, kopivshego force for centuries to apply the final blow to humanity. And the hawk and eagle fighting with him for a long time and were close to victory, but always inferior to the villain. Rip and his team start to collect information, moving from one year to another and constantly getting into scrapes, of which only go through coordinated work and the ability of each member of the group.

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