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Da Vinci's Demons

2013 – 2015
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
All episodes of 1 season:
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Da Vinci's Demons

2013 - 2015
fantasy, drama, detective, adventure, historical
IMDb rating: 8.1 / 10
Number of seasons:3
Number of episodes:28
Episode duration~ 59 min.

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Young and reckless Leonardo da Vinci rampant reveals his unprecedented genius in the famous city of Florence, where, thanks to an extraordinary board of Lorenzo di Medici reigns unusual for the rest, very unenlightened world, the era of fascinating progress and modernity.
The will of fate, a very capable young man is immediately plunged into the abyss of an all-consuming passion, cunning intrigues abound. Harsh Church, headed by Pope Sixtus prim trying different, insidious ways to prevent the development of objectionable Florentine miracle. Leonardo, who achieved a privileged position of the Medici palace of the artist becomes an unwitting participant in a desperate confrontation unwavering faith and evolving science. For the sake of preventing the death of the mother, dear heart of the city, the genius invented the first innovative defensive guns that are magically rescue for free from the prejudices of the Florentines. However, the lightning spark originated unprecedented love for Lucrezia Donati, windy lover Lorenzo becomes a prerequisite for fair persecution emanating from the former, illustrious ally. Overcoming incredible hardships, the great innovator unveils the mystery of its own birth, builders intriguing acts on the mother of the deceased. For many young men surveys reveal many secrets of the occult societies that hide the real mystery of the universe, safely hidden from the idleness of mere mortals. The thirst for truth, pushes adventurous scientist long, dangerous journey, making him an enemy of the clergy who wish to die soon inquisitive, restless da Vinci.
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