Cougar Town

2009 – 2015
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Cougar Town

2009 - 2015
IMDb rating: 7.0 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:101
Episode duration~ 22 min.

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The series "Cougar Town" is the story of Jules Cobb lives in sunny Florida. She is no longer young, but attractive and successful. Jules recently finalized the divorce from her husband Bobby gouging - apostate and golfer. Despite the apparently failed marriage, the two were able to stay with friends and help his son Travis, standing on the threshold of the college, to grow up and take the first truly important decisions.
Jules of those women who do themselves: early pregnancy and the ensuing marriage put an end to education, but the need to earn pushed Realtor case where the heroine waiting for success.

Now that we have the freedom, Jules is ready to break away. In that it fully supports the subordinate Laurie - Wild Child young with no brakes and a neighbor Ellie Torres - sarcastic married woman completely subjugate the wife of Andy. In the alley, where the house and Jules Torres live another two bachelor: strange widower Tom, constantly trying to stick to the company, and Lovelace Grayson, who survived a heavy divorce, because of what began dating countless girls.

In fact, all the characters are inseparable. They come home without asking each other, ignoring personal space and good manners, constantly blab secrets and finding new ways to pin the surrounding, as well as to laugh at themselves.

Travis love with Lori, Bobby and Andy constantly fooled, Jules and Grayson did not realize that they - the perfect couple, Dorothy tries to combine a rigorous way and has recently fallen down on her motherhood, and Tom from the creepy stalker turns into a wand to wand districts. And it is - only a small fraction of the characters in the adventure.

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