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Black Mirror

2011 – ...
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
All episodes of 1 season:
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Black Mirror

2011 - ...
fiction, thriller, drama
IMDb rating: 8.9 / 10
Number of seasons:3
Number of episodes:13
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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«Black Mirror» – British TV show, each season which is linked to the previous only common theme: we are all hostages of the black mirror. The name can be interpreted as the fact that many people do not even notice how instead of mirrors began to use off the screen of your smartphone, and that not all the information has gotten into the world through the modern means of communication, and reflects the true reality.
How many hours you can spend without an Internet connection? An hour or two, a week? And experiments show that about 80% of young people left without a smartphone at night, anxiety, close to the beginning of the panic disorder. You are still not afraid of such a relationship? Why Twitter followers or Facebook know about your life much more than the parents? Social Network - a platform on which anyone can express their thoughts and talk about how their day went. Are you sure that it is necessary for someone? And what is the guarantee that subscribers will not appear among the detractors, who may use the information against you? The series is in the majority of critics rather sharp responses, both positive and negative, quite shocking themes and soundtracks that will not leave your head until the end of the day, it is possible - an unpleasant awareness by comparing themselves with the characters - if you continue as boldly share personal information in social networks and to carry out with a smartphone in the hands of most of the day? And, most importantly, how it exaggerated the realities of the modern world in the series?
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